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Inmates given Ivermectin, told it was vitamins

Godfreyjones 130 days ago
Fair treatment for criminals? https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/jan/17/arkansas-inmates-lawsuit-covid-ivermectin

carveyournamein 130 days ago
I'd say it's probably wrong.

carveyournamein 130 days ago
But I don't know.

i forget, honestly-what the medical waiver process was in lock up but you do sign some shit.... i'd think this gets messy given experimental therapy/prisoner status. i mean on the base of it, bad doctor! *hits with stick made of shit*

i mean, you're basically a slave once you enter the prison system; so what if they pump you full of horse dewormer, maybe it'll make you the slave of the month

Inkongudunk 130 days ago
But I thought it was just horse dewormer

skinsuit 130 days ago
They should be given that pill from the movie Limitless.