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Imagine not watching the office

wwjd 130 days ago
Because you're like oh I'm too cooo for the office

BULLHEAD 130 days ago
i am too cool for that show

wwjd 130 days ago

dayman 129 days ago
shut up fats

jimbo 129 days ago
show f*ckin sucks

BULLHEAD 129 days ago
i didn't care for it

_d0thack_ 129 days ago
It has it's moments.

ShaolinLambKiller 129 days ago
Its on right now

easyhateoven 129 days ago
overrated show imagine eating 30,000 calories per day... oh yeah, you live it

butlerianjihad 129 days ago
Why would you still be watching in 2022?

iwilladapt 129 days ago
easyhateoven 59 seconds ago imagine eating 30,000 calories per day... oh yeah, you live it Lol

it was really f*cking funny in 2009 or whenever they brought on the mirror dwight and jim characters. then the replays, it's kinda like scrubs. remember how f*cking funny scrubs was when it came out? and then scrubs was replayed on every channel every day for like 10-15 years straight; i finally got the taste of it out of my mouth

iwilladapt 129 days ago
I liked the first few seasons. but it's not great.

_d0thack_ 129 days ago
Creed is the best character.

thats the office now a days. once in a while it's funny to reference it, some scenes will alwYS BE FUNNY like Kevin spilling the chili and desperately trying to scrape it in from the carpet. or kevin having jims back in the warehouse. basically everything with kevin is still funny. and dwights weird friends; everything else, ive seen it 10000 times already