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Anyone watch Archive81 on Netflix yet

Godfreyjones 169 days ago
Any good?

easyhateoven 169 days ago
factory 81 >

Godfreyjones 163 days ago
Bump. 4 episodes in and this is the best show I've seen in a while.

carveyournamein 163 days ago

Godfreyjones 163 days ago
General sense of dread throughout Unexplained phenomenon and possible inter dimensional tomfoolery Great acting all around and a good score to set the mood.

BULLHEAD 163 days ago
i'll give it a try

_d0thack_ 153 days ago
Starting this now.

vagisilcreem 153 days ago
no, but i did watch dont look up. pretty good flick

I liked all the fun Solaris references.

Portslob 153 days ago
I don't like how it ended. But it was decent

I agree with you on the ending.

ShaolinLambKiller 153 days ago
don't look up is gayshit. this was vaguely interested in.

_d0thack_ 153 days ago
I like it so far. Got through 4 episodes.

foulmouth 153 days ago
finished this last night, I quite enjoyed it

skinsuit 153 days ago