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lambgoat bday's today- cobra_commander and ghetto_paul

evil_hero 12/27/2021 6:25:33 AM
whatta coincidence considering didn't these two faqgs get married and have a few butt babies?

rick_tocchet 12/27/2021 6:33:51 AM

BULLHEAD 12/27/2021 6:34:19 AM
Butt babies?

simon_belmont 12/27/2021 6:36:24 AM
I think that's poop

Portslob 12/27/2021 6:40:06 AM
Confirmed. Two gay shit babies

evil_hero 12/27/2021 6:50:07 AM
see thats what i thought

evil_hero 12/27/2021 6:53:21 AM
butt babies are when the cum enters the shit and well, some sciency shit happens and the turd becomes sentient. so when its shit out they give it a name and a social security number. and faqgs like cobra commander take it home and raise it. happens all the time

Portslob 12/27/2021 6:56:07 AM

BULLHEAD 12/27/2021 6:59:46 AM
oh yeah, butt babies. that's right

carveyournamein 12/27/2021 7:55:50 AM

Ghetto_Paul 5/11/2022 3:21:43 PM
100% truth. We have at least 3 dozen butt babies at this point, give or take a dozen. Impossible to keep an accurate count

theocean 5/11/2022 3:23:53 PM
they named the baby adam hellbound

carveyournamein 5/11/2022 3:29:11 PM

evil_hero 5/11/2022 3:59:15 PM
ghetto paul whats up

VodkaVeins 5/11/2022 4:00:11 PM
Cobra_Commander was funny as hell