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Whats for breakfast?

Vince 45 days ago
Whats for breakfast?

BULLHEAD 45 days ago
Maybe a frozen pizza

_d0thack_ 45 days ago
Just tried to make a homemade breakfast steak quesarito. I forgot a few things. Still good though. 😂

carveyournamein 45 days ago
Bacon Toast Hash browns Orange juice

Inkongudunk 45 days ago
Pepperjack quesadilla, tea with lemon

floorpuncher 45 days ago
really can't decide man. i don't want to leave my apartment

i didnt eat breakfast but im replying rn so the top three threads on lambgoat all have 6 replies heck yeah hail stan hahah

BULLHEAD 44 days ago
I'm having two huge steaks with blue cheese for dinner. I know that much

Barbara 44 days ago
Save it for the dinner thread asshole

BULLHEAD 44 days ago
Oh yeah sorry

Are you really sorry or are you just trying to avoid getting lathered in mayo and made to wear the "dinner dunce" hat?