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The lead singer of Walls of Jericho

rick_tocchet 302 days ago
You think you could beat her in an arm wrestling match?

carveyournamein 302 days ago
Probably not.

simon_belmont 302 days ago
No. She's pretty tough. I'm a serious wuss

Zordon 302 days ago

evil_hero 302 days ago
more worried she'll break my dick off in the bear trap she calls a vagina

rick_tocchet 302 days ago
You think you can get her to that point of nakedness? Good for you, Sir!

butlerianjihad 302 days ago
I bet she sweats more than usual that's unfair

Pilgrim 302 days ago
I used to have a huge crush on her. Now I think she'd dropkick me to death after lifting me over her head

lurkcity 302 days ago
i kept seeing someone in the pit at furnace i swore was her... but iw as wrong

Barbara 302 days ago

OhMyCar 301 days ago
I have noticeable genetic defects and I can barely bench 3/4 my own body weight. so nah she's gonna kick my ass.

_d0thack_ 301 days ago
I saw these guys a billion years ago with Full Blown Chaos and Dead to Fall.