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Arizona Police shoot man in wheelchair

the_massa_creature 12/1/2021 2:46:37 PM

HOUSE_OF_HORSEKONNEN 12/1/2021 2:47:25 PM
sounds about right

carveyournamein 12/1/2021 2:48:36 PM
Why did they shoot him?

butlerianjihad 12/1/2021 2:48:57 PM
Wheels in Heaven

the_massa_creature 12/1/2021 2:49:46 PM
He shoplifted from Walmart and brandished a knife at an employee.

jimbo 12/1/2021 2:50:33 PM
dang. emptied half the mag on em

butlerianjihad 12/1/2021 2:50:41 PM
Too lazy to watch or read Was he a straight white male?

_d0thack_ 12/1/2021 2:51:47 PM
Absolutely unnecessary.

_d0thack_ 12/1/2021 2:52:11 PM
butlerianjihad 2 minutes ago Wheels in Heaven Lol you made me laugh

butlerianjihad 12/1/2021 2:54:27 PM
That dude needs to pimp his ride, its looking kinda gassy

HOUSE_OF_HORSEKONNEN 12/1/2021 2:58:10 PM
better bust a shot, he might be able to stab one person weakly with his ultra muscular capable body.... oh....

Barbara 12/1/2021 2:58:52 PM
justice for Ricky

butlerianjihad 12/1/2021 2:59:18 PM
I feel bad for that chick by the door. She's gonna have to tell that story to a lot of people over and over

BULLHEAD 12/1/2021 3:01:03 PM
cops are bitches

HOUSE_OF_HORSEKONNEN 12/1/2021 3:02:17 PM
i do honestly think any officer who commits an inexcusable shooting should be executed in public. in front of their friends and family. bring back brutality and see how many shit bags want to be cops.