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The Victory Style 2 compilation

simon_belmont 49 days ago
Changed my life

simon_belmont 49 days ago
Pertinent link https://youtu.be/Wzy0ZmuwCW4

yeah i listened to this probably for the first time in mid to late 1998 and had a CD copy from the early 2000's that I lost about two years ago. I still mock scream the I am straight edge part, even when drinking beers.

was it III that had Catch 22 on it? with hatebread.

simon_belmont 49 days ago
Yeah. 3. Also had that sick In Cold Blood song

ok I think I used to skip that Cast Iron Hike song a lot. people might not like that style, but i shouldn't have skipped this track so much. MAYBEEE II (i dont know the lyrics, he might be praising charles manson and jerry falwell, as he should bimdho)

simon_belmont 49 days ago
I really liked Doughnuts. I got made fun of for saying that here years ago.

i think that songs about a poster here from sweden?

Portslob 49 days ago
I still have it on cassette somewhere

i had to go reload the page because my internet sucks. lol at the uploader of this being "clover dog adventures!" and its avatar is a corgi.

also do y'all think baby gopal grew up and is a big strong gopal now?

simon_belmont 49 days ago
Baby Gopal was horrible. I pretend that wasn't on there

they were just a baby gopal tho. i need a serious answer here, where's BIGANDINCHARGE when you need him.

It got to that song, and yeah, this is like a very limited talent-wise and low rent No Doubt.

I skipped this track a lot, I'm thinking because I don't remember much of this f*cking trash track at all, but wtf lol did they call themselves Baby Gopal because some of the vocals sounding like a baby about to make a big f*ckin diaper dinger? Making some weird throat noise at a high pitch isn't always singing lmao what is this. ok now its over good.