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Best kickboxing match I have seen in a long time

rick_tocchet 58 days ago
This is a badass fight. Its only 4 rounds and happened this year. If ya got nothing to do and like blood check it out. https://youtu.be/TbaSBzRktfw

skinsuit 58 days ago

rick_tocchet 58 days ago
Betas need not apply

BULLHEAD 58 days ago
those fellas are pretty big

jimbo 58 days ago
those bare knuckle boxing fights are fun to watch too

rick_tocchet 58 days ago
Yeah i enjoy the bareknuckle fights. Havent seen any good ones in a while. Chris Leben was the last good card i saw.

Inkongudunk 58 days ago
Gamebred fighting championship Jorge masvidal promotions Bareknuckle Most violent mma out there

Spork 58 days ago
Kickboxing is much better than mma.

jimbo 57 days ago
watching heavyweights bare knuckle is guarantee brutal KO.

vagisilcreem 57 days ago
this fight is badass.

Portslob 57 days ago
Those guys suck at boxing

jimbo 57 days ago
well yeah, it's called kickboxing for a reason. the only dude who knocked out Israel Adesanya is starting to climb the ranks in UFC. will be interesting to see them fight again in the octagon.

easyhateoven 57 days ago
i'm watching bloodsport now

rick_tocchet 57 days ago
Imagine getting hit with one of those rights. Lol. f*ck.

easyhateoven 57 days ago
it's all i think about