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What heavy metal t shirt are you wearing to family dinner?

simon_belmont 183 days ago
I'll be sporting the incredibly depressing Warning - Watching From A Distance album cover tshirt.

AnalButt 183 days ago
Devourment Baby Killer

BULLHEAD 183 days ago
Im wearing my "stuff me like a turkey" longsleeve

simon_belmont 183 days ago
Does this guy know how to party, or what

Barbara 183 days ago
I'm gonna wear a devourment shirt too so I can match AB

Vince 183 days ago
Gonna wear my LPC shirt

Barbara 183 days ago
Bro you can only risk wearing that when you will get as many props as possible. Think granny can f*cking triple double flip?

simon_belmont 183 days ago
Vince, you should just keep quoting him the whole dinner

_d0thack_ 183 days ago
I'm actually wearing the Hell Awaits Slayer t-shirt. 🤘

simon_belmont 183 days ago
"You got any lip?"

theocean 183 days ago
gonna wear a coven 2 shirt and watch american movie later

Jemenez_Cricket 183 days ago
Wax Vessel's See You Next Tuesday long sleeve

willy_wanker 183 days ago

probably my favorite chain mail armor top.

_steelpanda_ 183 days ago
I'm going as the Puritan version of The Punisher.