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noir november

theocean 335 days ago
gonna start tonight man about to watch pickup on south street(1953) yu?

carveyournamein 335 days ago
Never heard of that.

iwilladapt 335 days ago
not sure it counts as noir, but I do have a bunch of crime/ mysteries on the list. going to be starting with Memories Of Murder 2003

theocean 335 days ago
i think memories of murder would count as neo-noir man.........its a good one next is nightmare alley(1947)

evil_hero 334 days ago
this isnt a thing lmao

Pilgrim 334 days ago
I just rewatched China Town. Movie is awesome but long

Amber 334 days ago
I was into Noir November in 2002 before the Milwaukee hardcore scene poseurs got involved

hamwarmer 334 days ago
I'm game if you're new, a good place to start are either Detour (1945) or the Hitch-Hiker (1953)

theocean 334 days ago
both of those are really goode have you seen in a lonely place? its on prime right now.........its one of humphrey bogart's best

vagisilcreem 334 days ago
jungle to jungle

theocean 334 days ago
gonna put on angel face(1953) robert mitchum was such a hunk man

hamwarmer 333 days ago
I have not seen In a Lonely Place- definitely checking that one, thanks! Bogie can carry the team even in terrible films, like the Big Sleep

evil_hero 333 days ago
the big sleep is such a great book. why they do the movie like that? the long goodbye is better but not by much. i love raymond chandler

theocean 333 days ago
ive read almost all of raymond chandlers books both movie versions of the big sleep are good.....the bogart one and the robert mitchum one and robert altman did a good movie version of the long goodbye......elliott gould plays marlowe

hamwarmer 333 days ago
Big Sleep's plot is super convoluted and almost impossible to follow from wiki critical response: "wakeful fare for folks who don't care what is going on, or why, so long as the talk is hard and the action harder" but insists that "the plot's crazily mystifying, nightmare blur is an asset, and only one of many"