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Calling your local grocery store to demand specialty goods

Amber 45 days ago
Would this make a person uncool, a loser even?

skinsuit 45 days ago

rick_tocchet 45 days ago
We have publix here and they demand we ask for what we want at the stores. And by god that shit is there in a week or two.

rick_tocchet 45 days ago
Then if they say not enough people buy it to keep it in stock. You can always call ahead for a special order. Its a good store.

easyhateoven 45 days ago
I call to make sure they have enough proyntein

nothinlefttogive 45 days ago
I like to go to the Italian grocery stores & shout "BOPPITA-BOOPI!"

nothinlefttogive 45 days ago
I also throw up my hands & jump while doing so

willy_wanker 45 days ago
i go to my local organic vegan grocery store and demand some grass fed beef