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baconator shoes

carveyournamein 46 days ago
Would you wear them?

BULLHEAD 46 days ago
i don't get this meme

_d0thack_ 46 days ago
I actually just ate a baconater. I'm really high man.

carveyournamein 46 days ago
I'd wear them.

BULLHEAD 46 days ago
it's a shitty burger

easyhateoven 46 days ago
to wear or to eat? that is the question

jimbo 46 days ago
footage of lurk eating bacon while wearing bacon shoes might spike his popularity by a few

Pilgrim 46 days ago
If my feet smelled like bacon post wearing them shoes. I'd nibble my toes

jimbo 46 days ago

I got one of those facebook ads for a giant double cheeseburger sculpture that was like $900 today. Who actually buys this shit?

xander_crews_horse 45 days ago
Is it edible?