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dealing with an incredible bout with diarrhea

as we move into the weekend. Straight purple drank fluid streams. No chunks.

jimbo 47 days ago
chunk free, baby

Barbara 47 days ago
sorry for your loss of fluids

Thank you, I've got a box of Pedialyte packets, not a fan of the taste of Pedialyte but it's a must.

We're having hot pot for dinner.

Vince 47 days ago
We got a real Shitney Pooston over here

Shitney Pooston - Saving All My Mud For You

Vince 47 days ago

and just like that, I laid a solid log this AM.

skinsuit 45 days ago
Post pics of said diarrhea.

The diarrhea is gone, I'm dropping logs now

skinsuit 45 days ago
The f*ck did you eat?