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Hey Lurk

simon_belmont 9/24/2021 10:13:13 AM
Sometimes I forget how lame you are

easyhateoven 9/24/2021 10:14:55 AM
Maybe he meant to get a Methods of Mayhem shirt.

_d0thack_ 9/24/2021 10:16:40 AM
And I ain't leavin' til you're sleepin on the cum stains

ShaolinLambKiller 9/24/2021 10:24:46 AM
jimbo 48 minutes ago Barbara 26 minutes ago Inadvertently ghosted by baconshoes after he fell in a Wendy's bathroom and broke his phone Portslob 25 minutes ago Lol lolol LOL

ShaolinLambKiller 9/24/2021 10:25:02 AM
easyhateoven 9 minutes ago Maybe he meant to get a Methods of Mayhem shirt. haha

rick_tocchet 9/24/2021 10:53:51 AM
Simon and I will get a pic together this weekend. Its my mission.

ShaolinLambKiller 9/24/2021 10:58:19 AM

easyhateoven 9/24/2021 11:20:07 AM
yeah, naked?

Portslob 9/24/2021 11:20:59 AM
Pfffft , Belmont doesn't even take his clothes off in the shower

easyhateoven 9/24/2021 11:28:00 AM
who does?

simon_belmont 9/24/2021 11:30:35 AM
I bring a comforter in the shower

easyhateoven 9/24/2021 11:31:05 AM
i double mask

Portslob 9/24/2021 1:10:19 PM
Is lurk dead? Did someone throw him in a locker and forget they did it?

Barbara 9/24/2021 1:14:01 PM
Last I saw was when he livestreamed the continental breakfast at his Best Western. Hope he's okay.

VodkaVeins 9/24/2021 1:15:38 PM
holy f*cking shit, barb