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Truck drivers

carveyournamein 9/19/2021 5:14:36 PM
I'm gonna go do this one day https://youtu.be/GQXVgniI-hw

jimbo 9/19/2021 5:18:24 PM
I've seen this. dude does a good job at selling the whole trucking gig. seems fun.

carveyournamein 9/19/2021 5:21:22 PM
And dangerous.

jimbo 9/19/2021 5:28:37 PM
yeah cause you are sitting 14 hours a day on end and you become a fat f*ck with diabetes. still seems fun.

jimbo 9/19/2021 5:31:35 PM
you watch these videos? I want to visit this place and just set up a lawn chair https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3jStdSyYpOA

BULLHEAD 9/19/2021 5:44:37 PM
i unloaded trucks at a huge f*cking warehouse when i was like 20. those guys are literal animals. they'd have a security guy follow them around to make sure they didn't shit and piss or empty their piss jugs in the parking lot

jimbo 9/19/2021 5:47:22 PM
I believe it

BULLHEAD 9/19/2021 5:48:58 PM
there was a bathroom available to them but it was at the other end of the building and upstairs. i think they just turn feral at some point

BULLHEAD 9/19/2021 5:49:37 PM
i think it could be a lot of fun

carveyournamein 9/19/2021 5:59:31 PM

BULLHEAD 9/19/2021 6:01:05 PM
i think for better or worse it's too regulated these days. every movement they do is tracked by GPS. it's probably not as easy to be a long haul serial killer these days

dog_boner 9/19/2021 11:25:18 PM
Truckers can't do meth or weed anymore. That's a deal breaker

Buttsniffer 9/20/2021 12:51:00 AM
Wild animals.

Portslob 9/20/2021 6:13:33 AM
I wish I could be a truck driver but I would drive corvettes instead