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moving to reading PA

kort 277 days ago
cause im a sorry ass chubby clown with a high school knowledge of html and a love for ads

Spork 277 days ago
Is it pronounced Reading or Reading?

shitinyourhand 277 days ago
I've learned that coding has passed me by.. Still doing it but... just far behind

OhMyCar 277 days ago
pronounce like redding Not reeding Or not. f*ck if I know.

ShakeRattleRoll69 276 days ago
Ive heard that place is a shit hole. congratulations

easyhateoven 276 days ago
webby's too busy to respond because he's currently in dark mode

rick_tocchet 276 days ago
That place sucks.

easyhateoven 276 days ago

ShaolinLambKiller 276 days ago

0 276 days ago
Nothing there aside form a bunch of trees, lambs and goats

kort 199 days ago

spacetoast 199 days ago
I heard a lot of skin heads used to go to shows there