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The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber - Stay

The Skid TOILET & Justin Queefer - Stain I doodoo stained even though I told you that I never would I told you I'd changed undies even though I never could Oh, I'll be f*cked up if you can't beef right here

simon_belmont 280 days ago
Don't know the source material for this but The Kid Latrine might have been better

lol @ The Skid LATRINE good call

A doodoo stain, doodoo stained, hanes

BULLHEAD 280 days ago
i think i like bieber

BULLHEAD 280 days ago
he's just super rich and he skateboards and gets tattoos and i think he's probably alright

I'm indifferent

0 280 days ago
Anyone ever checked out his mother? f'ing hot

lol every time I hear this song

evil_hero 234 days ago
my gf hates this song i sing it a lot. i dont know the lyrics i just kind of make some shit up

All I hear when it starts is "a doodoo stain"

ej 234 days ago
I like bieber dont care

He's fine, no one's safe

I don't know about The Skid LATRINE though

evil_hero 137 days ago