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The early 2000's

rick_tocchet 8/19/2021 5:28:30 AM
Besides 9/11 everything was pretty decent.

Portslob 8/19/2021 5:30:34 AM
The 90s ruled. Everything else sucked

carveyournamein 8/19/2021 5:39:09 AM
Everything sucks.

nothinlefttogive 8/19/2021 5:40:28 AM
Yeah, 9/11 ruined pretty much that whole decade...at least in NYC & probably most metros. 2000 & 2001 pre 9/11 were pretty good. It was so much easier to navigate the airport! At least for domestic travel...

easyhateoven 8/19/2021 5:40:53 AM

nothinlefttogive 8/19/2021 5:41:41 AM

Portslob 8/19/2021 5:48:30 AM
I started posting here right after 9/11. I gave up

shitinyourhand 8/19/2021 5:49:07 AM
freedom fries

easyhateoven 8/19/2021 5:50:01 AM
webby was behind 9/11 to start lambgoat

BULLHEAD 8/19/2021 6:12:07 AM
Hated the 2000s. It was gross

Serious 8/19/2021 6:13:38 AM
Life peaked in the early to mid 2000s. Scene sluts everywhere, music was the best before the scene got watered down and over populated, AIM and Yahoo messenger were the best way to chat before texting was big.

BULLHEAD 8/19/2021 6:20:06 AM
It was the worst time for music ever

timelordtwo 8/19/2021 6:23:24 AM
A decade of cringe

Serious 8/19/2021 6:25:06 AM
Did you f*cks not have swoopy hair? That shit was a panty soaker.

Serious 8/19/2021 6:27:57 AM
I had swoopy hair with blonde streaks for like 5 months and that was the most popular I've ever been with the ladies. Then my dad took a pair of buzzers to the back of my head when I wasn't paying attention and I had to shave the remainder.