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What would you wear?

Zortslob 35 days ago
I have to go to a networking event today at Fenway park, but then staying for the game with fellow executives.. It's 85 degrees out. I don't know what to wear to this thing

Inkongudunk 35 days ago
Limited edition home team jersey, khaki slacks, brown woven belt, boat shoes with low rising socks, decent watch

Zortslob 35 days ago
I don't have any of that

Zortslob 35 days ago
Sounds dead on though lol

Inkongudunk 35 days ago
Time to grab and iced carmel macchiatto and go shopping

AnalButt 35 days ago
Some sort of hat. Everyone will remember you.

PoultryInMotion 35 days ago
yeah you never forget the guy that wears a hat to a baseball game

lurkcity 35 days ago
who the f*ck would want to go to fenway park. gross.

Zortslob 35 days ago
I'll f*cking drown you in the ray tank in Tampa!

lurkcity 35 days ago
please do

willy_wanker 35 days ago
wear a chewbacca costume

kort 35 days ago
your furry outfit you sicko

dontcare 35 days ago
Curt Schilling jersey and a bloody sock.

lordzedd 35 days ago
A stupid hat. Hawaiian shirt. And khaki shorts. Duh it's baseball bro.

simon_belmont 35 days ago
Jncos, size xxl 'fuct' t shirt, extra wide vans, upside down/backwards visor