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that new candy album

it's pretty cool i guess

Zortslob 35 days ago
I'm not into it

simon_belmont 35 days ago
I haven't listened. I might, though.

luxuryprisons 35 days ago
Liked that song with Aaron Melnick and Terror Management. Also, I didn't hate that Love Like Snow song. Not my usual cup of tea.

B__DAWG 35 days ago
there's a band called CANDY?

Jimmyfloyd 35 days ago
I'd like to know the band names they considered before agreeing on CANDY

B__DAWG 35 days ago
sweetmeat would be a better name

Jimmyfloyd 35 days ago
They could've gone with Cookies. Or Cupcakes. Milkshake, perhaps. I would've pushed for Sweet Treats.

B__DAWG 35 days ago
how about Fluffernutter?

Jimmyfloyd 35 days ago
I'll put that in the 'maybe' pile

easyhateoven 34 days ago
I like it, but feel weird for liking it

Inkongudunk 34 days ago
It's not good. It tries too hard and sound like slop

Inkongudunk 34 days ago
Omg wow you're like so quirky and off the wall f*ck outta here

Zortslob 34 days ago