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Where do you buy your vinyl?

coldhardfacts 34 days ago
I'm talking about vinyl records

willy_wanker 34 days ago
vinyls r us

Zortslob 34 days ago
I don't

B__DAWG 34 days ago
there's four places.....there's the Vinyl Hut. that's on third. there's Vinyls-R-Us. that's on third too. you got Put-Your-Vinyl-There. that's on third. Swing Low, Sweet Vinyl. matter of fact, they're all in the same complex. it's the Vinyl Complex down on third

B__DAWG 34 days ago
there's also MaryAnn's Vinyl. thing about that is, MaryAnn listens to the vinyl with you!

PoultryInMotion 34 days ago
i just burn em at home

straightedgehack 34 days ago
I don't spend my money on that stuff anymore. Mostly because I can't do it.

plaguestricken 34 days ago
Media Play

Media play was very cool.

Hells headbangers has a bunch of black metal vinyl. Otherwise just somewhere local. I don't know if this was a serious post or not.

luxuryprisons 32 days ago
I try to buy them at rock-bottom prices from people who developed crippling drug addictions over the pandemic. They always need quick cash.

Zortslob 32 days ago
I'll trade vinyl for cocaine

VodkaVeins 32 days ago
Joann's House of Vinyl

coldhardfacts 32 days ago
is there like a price guide for vinyl or something? i inherited a large collection and im trying to price what this stuff is worth

B__DAWG 32 days ago
just go on discogs you moron