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Daniel_Larson 36 days ago
Good or bad? IMO it kicks ass

simon_belmont 36 days ago
Here's a shit thread if I've ever seen one. And I've seen lots.

straightedgehack 36 days ago
Lol at the profile pic though

Daniel_Larson 36 days ago
Go talk about the rolling stones then homo ^

666pack 36 days ago
I'll take the bait. The Torture album is pretty good, sounds like brutal death metal. Not really bringing anything new to the table

easyhateoven 36 days ago
reading this thread was torture

7billiondead 36 days ago
Like if bolt thrower was a slam band, but not as good.

AnalButt 36 days ago
This thread is the reading equivalent of a Lars Von Trier movie but with zero redeeming qualities.

You_Were_Wrong 35 days ago
The only torture I know is the Torture from France 1996 https://youtu.be/pokuRBLjYb4?si=Sy068HdXLZx1ssXy

B__DAWG 35 days ago
this was a german band Torchure. i assume that means torture

Zortslob 35 days ago
I think you're getting it confused with a travel brochure for Germany

B__DAWG 35 days ago
i don't get confused

easyhateoven 35 days ago
cock and ball torture was ok. i think. i havent listened in 20 years.