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Sunny hate5six permabanned from IG

strokemymeat 88 days ago

Inkongudunk 88 days ago

toxicnacho 88 days ago
Lol I saw an article but I didn't read about it or why it happened. I just know the guy gets a shit ton of hate.

Inkongudunk 88 days ago
Cuz he's a goofy loser

sunny is a complete bozo. good riddance

NorthFromHere 88 days ago
LOL. I imagine it was Palestine related but the clown had been asking for it for a long time.

easyhateoven 88 days ago
for being too slow

white european and americans posting their poorly informed views and support of "Palestine" is just slightly less harmful for the people of Palestine as Hamas is. It's like the difference between Sinead O'Connor voicing pro Arabic/Islamic points without dehumanizing anyone, because she wasn't from a fantasy world vs Roger Waters needing to put on a nazi outfit and act like he's supporting anyone other than his own f*ckin ego

Like Hillary from The Hill coming out and calling middle Americans who weren't fully informed on politics "Deplorable" because they went with what the people the trusted were telling them.

draculamountainz 88 days ago
what he do

Inkongudunk 88 days ago
He handcuffed a 12 year old to a train

draculamountainz 88 days ago