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Make Lambgoat Great Again

toxicnacho 44 days ago
Rule Number 1 : Post the last picture you saved to your phone. First and foremost. Rule Number 2 - Never post a personal picture unless it keeps the identity of those involved in said picture are censored. Rule 3 - Not once a day. After your first image, which is today, post one a week later. Let's go. (Screen shots count too) (No auto delete unless it makes you uncomfortable) https://ibb.co/LNB7ngr

toxicnacho 44 days ago
Addition to rule 3 : This can be whatever you want after 7 days. As long as it's FUNNY.

jimbo 44 days ago
this is literally Reddit

B__DAWG 44 days ago
yeah i'm not gonna probably do any of that

only Liam Neeson tells me what to do.

B__DAWG 44 days ago
sounds like a lot of work

toxicnacho 44 days ago
Jimbo is right. Sorry. This was a bad thread. Brought to you in part by me, the dumb ass.

dayman 44 days ago

easyhateoven 44 days ago
have you lost your marbles

kidcadaver 44 days ago
dwep your tits right the fvkk off

barbara2.0 43 days ago
holy f*ck dwep

VodkaVeins 43 days ago
bad thread, man.

toxicnacho 43 days ago
Yeah. It was terrible.

that'll be 20 bucks

toxicnacho 43 days ago
I'll send you $20 in prime Kansas beef.