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TRANZ Siberian Orchestra

Bortslob 174 days ago
Who's that?

jimbo 174 days ago
AC/DCs drummer is so good

rick____tocchet 174 days ago
I got wrecked. Winded up hanging with Ric Flair at a bar next to the arena. He was fucking hammered. Worse than I was. I got a pic with him as well. What is that website you can post pics on?

jimbo 174 days ago
lol 'ell yeah. Rob Flair is a raging alcoholic.

jimbo 174 days ago
Ric* shit I drank some whiskey

starship 174 days ago
lurkcity 4 hours ago starship 1 day ago Hey look its lurk, the fool who thought he banned starship. If I wanted you banned you'd be banned. Maybe next time it will be a 60 day time out though. O rlly?