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Motel 6

Just used the microwave that is in the shared laundry room to heat up some lasagna and feeling like Garfield.

Love the smell of crack in a good motel 6.

Bortslob 150 days ago
Dry off with the jizz towel

PenicillinTrapdoor 150 days ago
donny_kang_lip_froth back in the building

rick____tocchet 150 days ago
I fucked some dudes wife in a motel 6 back in the day. Good times.

Bortslob 150 days ago
Dude, you broke like the third commandment

rick____tocchet 149 days ago
Which one?

Pilgrim 149 days ago
Did they leave the light on for you?

The toilet was also broken and there were a bunch of stickers on the wall from one of those bug salt guns.

But me and my dogs stayed in Palm Springs for 50, so I can't complain. The guy who checked us in was named jax and there were definitely a few hookers hanging around. I spent all night drinking canned Moscow mules and watching some extreme weather show and then drove for another 7 hours in the fucking monsoon rain to southern Arizona.

For breakfast I also used the microwave. The laundry room to heat up some Cambodian sausages that my ex's mom made me for Christmas. Now I'm drinking a bunch of crown Royal out of a #1 son mug at my parents house and gonna go see my dad in the hospital tomorrow.

starship 149 days ago
Thats down, dude

dontcare 149 days ago
Last time I was in a motel 6 was in Phoenix and there was a bunch of heroin needles on the asphalt. Fuck that.

dayman 149 days ago
He got his assfucked behind the ice machine