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What's for dinner tonight

Pilgrim 172 days ago
Hamburgers with cheddar pickles onions mayo mustard and I guess som lettuce

lurkcity 172 days ago
im making teriyaki chicken wings

jimbo 172 days ago
your mom GOT EM

dontcare 172 days ago
lurkcity 4 minutes ago im making teriyaki chicken wings Am I invited?

dontcare 172 days ago
It's okay lurk, I already had a california burrito from filibertos for lunch buddy.

easyhateoven 172 days ago
suck his dick for dessert

dontcare 172 days ago
bro, if I could I would.

PoultryInMotion 172 days ago
cornish hens i was feelin crazy

PenicillinTrapdoor 172 days ago
I ate an aggressive amount of food on my lunch break. I don't need dinner. I had some stew pork and rice and beans from some Dominican lady.

PoultryInMotion 172 days ago
i did one bird oriental style and the other one texmex

dontcare 172 days ago
Fuck, now I want a rotisserie chicken. Sounds so good.

PoultryInMotion 172 days ago
i'm doing some fried potatos, sprinkling 3 part season salt one part sugar on them bitches

PoultryInMotion 172 days ago
i'm three(3) tall cans in, dot are you drinking again? im keeping it simple and cheap with pbr \m/

dontcare 172 days ago
I'm not dot goddamn it. lol You some kind of chef? You sound passionate about cooking. About to leave work. I got a 12 pack of heineken waiting for me at the house. I'll be back on this bitch in an hour so I better see some movement in the pit.

united_ninety_three 172 days ago
of course dot drinks heineken