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Review: Decibel's Top 40 Albums of 2023

ej 104 days ago
40 Dødheimsgard, Black Medium Current, Peaceville WE GET IT YOU LIKE VIKINGS, NO LISTEN 39 Kommodus, Wreath of Bleeding Snowfall, GoatowaRex NO LISTEN 38 Street Tombs, Reclusive Decay, Carbonized NO LISTEN 37 Obituary, Dying of Everything, Relapse NO LISTEN 36 Fires in the Distance, Air Not Meant for Us, Prosthetic NO LISTEN 35 Witching, Incendium, Translation Loss NO LISTEN 34 Circle of Ouroborus, Lumi Vaientaa Kysymykset, His Wounds NO LISTEN 33 Cattle Decapitation, Terrasite, Metal Blade NO LISTEN 32 Final Gasp, Mourning Moon, Relapse NO LISTEN 31 Spirit Adrift, Ghost at the Gallows, Century Media NO LISTEN 30 Krigsgrav, Fires in the Fall, Wise Blood NO LISTEN 29 Will Haven, VII, Minus Head NO LISTEN 28 Smoulder, Violent Creed of Vengeance, Cruz del Sur NO LISTEN 27 Kruelty, Untopia, Profound Lore NO LISTEN 26 Night Demon, Outsider, Century Media NO LISTEN 25 Incantation, Unholy Deification, Relapse NO LISTEN 24 Filth Is Eternal, Find Out, MNRK NO LISTEN 23 Cannibal Corpse, Chaos Horrific, Metal Blade NO LISTEN 22 Great Falls, Objects Without Pain, Neurot NO LISTEN 21 Krieg, Ruiner, Profound Lore NO LISTEN 20 Rid of Me, Access to the Lonely, Knife Hits NO LISTEN 19 Mizmor, Prosaic, Profound Lore NO LISTEN 18 Autopsy, Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts, Peaceville NO LISTEN 17 Cruciamentum, Obsidian Refractions, Profound Lore NO LISTEN 16 Tribunal, The Weight of Remembrance, 20 Buck Spin NO LISTEN 15 The Night Eternal, Fatale, Ván NO LISTEN 14 Enslaved, Heimdal, Nuclear Blast NO LISTEN 13 Gel, Only Constant, Convulse THEY PLAYED AT A SONIC OR SOMETHING 12 Enforced, War Remains, Century Media NO LISTEN 11 Blackbraid, Blackbraid II, Self-released WOKE LIB BULLSHIT NO LISTEN 10 The Keening, Little Bird, Relapse NO LISTEN NO LISTEN 9 Thantifaxath, Hive Mind Narcosis, Dark Descent NO LISTEN 8 Frozen Soul, Glacial Domination, Century Media NO LISTEN 7 Lamp of Murmuur, Saturnian Bloodstorm, Argento NO LISTEN 6 Panopticon, The Rime of Memory, Bindrune NO LISTEN 5 Godthrymm, Distrortions, Profound Lore NO LISTEN 4 Jesus Piece, …So Unknown, Century Media SOOOOOOOO UNKNOWN NO LISTEN 3 Wayfarer, American Gothic, Profound Lore NO LISTEN 2 Tomb Mold, The Enduring Spirit, 20 Buck Spin NO LISTEN 1 Horrendous, Ontological Mysterium, Season of Mist NO LISTEN In all, I think this is a pretty good list.

Inkongudunk 104 days ago
Lol at throwing Jesus piece in there. They are no zulu

simon_belmont 104 days ago
I've listened to 4 of those

kidcadaver 104 days ago
two for me

B__DAWG 104 days ago
i heard THREE

draculamountainz 104 days ago
Rid of Me, Autopsy, Great Falls are all good.

jimbo 104 days ago
i heard the new corpse.. maybe new obituary, can't remember. that's it. everything else probably sucks shit.

B__DAWG 104 days ago
thantifaxath was good

Bortslob 104 days ago
I liked the new obituary album, it only ranked 37th

B__DAWG 104 days ago
i like dodsheimgard too

vagisilcreem 104 days ago
left cross shoulda been on there.

jimbo 104 days ago
ok just checked out the new Obituary again and this rules. guarantee it's 10x better than 90% of these albums.

AnalButt 104 days ago
I couldn't imagine listening to 40 new albums in a year. I'm much too busy/lazy

B__DAWG 104 days ago
you must not have much of an imagination

Inkongudunk 104 days ago
Or he has like a job and a family and shit You quickly stole giving a f*ck about teenager angry music.