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Listening to King Crimson and playing Starfield

Inkongudunk 65 days ago

NorthFromHere 65 days ago
Which album? So many good ones!

starship 65 days ago
Pics or it didnt happen

easyhateoven 65 days ago
why would he need to post pics? idiot

B__DAWG 65 days ago
i remember that dot guy was pretending king crimson was his favorite band for a couple months. pre-green day

B__DAWG 65 days ago
i didn't believe him

Pilgrim 65 days ago
I randomly got the day off so I'm listening to Candlemass and Manilla Road while playing Tears of the Kingdom

B__DAWG 65 days ago
i'm lying on my couch. having a rest

Inkongudunk 65 days ago
In the court of the crimson kinngggggg

ShadowBlade 64 days ago
Those three albums they did in the 80's were excellent. "Lizard" is probably my favorite album.

shitinyourhand 64 days ago
Love KC... but Starfield looks like the gameplay is slow.. Never played.. I can't take slow gameplay

shitinyourhand 64 days ago
Meaning the movement.. not the challenges etc..

B__DAWG 64 days ago
i bought one of the newer kc albums out of a used bin and i still thought it was real good. i can't remember the name

B__DAWG 64 days ago
it is called The DestrucKtion of Light

I like Court of the Crimson King and Wake of Poseidon best.