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Who's everyone's favorite vocalist here?

easyhateoven 316 days ago

There's a lot, but Scott Walker is pretty good.

plaguestricken 315 days ago
Chaney Crabb from the Drake endorsed band Entheos

vagisilcreem 315 days ago
bryan ferry stevie wonder mike patton sade mikael akerfeldt beth gibbons aaron turner bjork kim deal

NorthFromHere 315 days ago
plaguestricken 4 hours ago Chaney Crabb from the Drake endorsed band Entheos She actually is pretty good, hah. Danzig Jim Morrison Layne Staley PJ Harvey Courtney Love Shirley Manson Phil Bozeman Akerfeldt Reba Meyers Kristoffer Rygg

B__DAWG 315 days ago
oh yeah Garm is good too

VodkaVeins 315 days ago
Bjork, i guess. I dont consider vocals the same way i do sick riffs and dope drum beats. Meshuggah vocals are cool. Dude from Snapcase is unique. Mariah Carey is rad.

B__DAWG 315 days ago
what about that pavarotti guy?

easyhateoven 315 days ago
Def bryan ferry

simon_belmont 315 days ago
Pavarotti's a hack. It's all smoke and mirrors and digital processors

VodkaVeins 315 days ago
B__DAWG 9 hours ago what about that pavarotti guy? I always preferred the other guy

easyhateoven 315 days ago
siouxsie sioux <3

NorthFromHere 315 days ago
^^^ She's a great one too. Definitely up there.

B__DAWG 314 days ago
i googled best singer and it appears the correct answer is aretha franklin, whoever that is

NorthFromHere 314 days ago
Well that settles it then, thread over.