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Who's everyone's favorite vocalist here?

YOURDAD69 265 days ago
Ronnie Radke

Inkongudunk 265 days ago
Blag dahlia

Inkongudunk 265 days ago
Also. Tech n9ne was only cool when he was with regime gang and rapalot records

Inkongudunk 265 days ago
Sheer terror = the influence behind blood for blood and every band that tried to sound like them

B__DAWG 265 days ago
i like that just can't hate enough album

Inkongudunk 265 days ago
That's the one. They asked the singer what inspired that album He said roast beef on a roll with lettuce, onion, tomato and mayo.

PenicillinTrapdoor 265 days ago
toxicnacho 2 hours ago And you even tossed out Busta. Dude. One of the best rappers ever next to Twista Twista is hit or miss but adrenaline rush and the mobstability stuff is perfection.

PoultryInMotion 265 days ago
Joe Coffee was another band paul sang for. hime did more actual singing

toxicnacho 264 days ago
I meant Elliot smith guys. In that dumb

toxicnacho 264 days ago
In I'm Beefaroni

DickWolfenstein 264 days ago
As far as hardcore/metal, probably Sean Ingram, Carley Coma or Tyler Semrick-Palmateer. Getting outside of that, Kristoffer Rigg, PJ Harvey, Liz Fraser, Chris Cornell. For hip hop Pharoahe Monch, Aceyalone, Pun on his first album, Nas, Ghost up to Apollo Kids or so but especially OB4CL and his first three albums, Vast Aire... guess it depends how you assess it but all of those have really distinct voices and very dope lyrics except for a couple of them when they get lazy. On the less traditional side Kae Tempest has a couple of great records but should never work with Rick Rubin again and nor should anyone else probably these days for that matter.

Inkongudunk 264 days ago
White guy rap. Bad reply

easyhateoven 264 days ago
dave gahan andrew eldridge peter murphy kevin baker

easyhateoven 264 days ago
almost forgot ian mcculloch

B__DAWG 264 days ago
who are those people?