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did you see the video of the alien in las vegas

coldhardfacts 111 days ago
the aliens came to party

coldhardfacts 111 days ago
this one family says a ufo landed in their backyard and some slimy fukk got out and looked around and then left and im thinkin he was just like 'where the bitches at?'

coldhardfacts 111 days ago
theres this really low quality camera picture of it where you can kind of make out the outline of it but i have to warn you this is kind of disturbing so only click if you are ready to see what is possibly a real life actual ET https://i.imgur.com/xjejtah.gif

pastaman 111 days ago
he's trolling, here's the screenshot from the guy's deleted tweets https://i.imgur.com/R390EId.jpeg

willy_wanker 111 days ago
its just a mexican refugee

B__DAWG 110 days ago
all that's bullshit. it's not even real