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The band Advent

toxicnacho 112 days ago

toxicnacho 112 days ago
Jamming this track. https://youtu.be/B6Ph8bldWrY

B__DAWG 112 days ago
don't know them

ShadowBlade 112 days ago
Didn't listen. The name reminds me of being in Catholic school.

B__DAWG 112 days ago
it reminds me of those christmas advent calendars that i'd immediately eat all the chocolate out of the second i got it. oh man those chocolates were GOOD

gayXedge 112 days ago
add vents because that shit f*cking stinks

simon_belmont 112 days ago

toxicnacho 112 days ago
Lol 🤣 I like bad music. What's new?

B__DAWG 112 days ago
i thought it sounded alright

toxicnacho 112 days ago
Right on Bull. I had a Polish friend send me one a few years ago. That chocolate was fire 🔥

PoultryInMotion 112 days ago

DickWolfenstein 112 days ago
Liked both albums a lot but the EP they did more recently was pretty meh. Should have stuck with the noisy 90's Solid State sound instead of going all butt crust

coldhardfacts 112 days ago
i remember this band i like the opening track on that album

easyhateoven 111 days ago
butt crust lol

toxicnacho 111 days ago
Haven't heard beyond the two LPs.