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the crystal method

willy_wanker 114 days ago
i like a bunch of songs. i actually went to a live show

B__DAWG 114 days ago
there was all those electronical bands at the time. i couldn't keep up with it, i didn't try very hard

easyhateoven 114 days ago
They had some good songs. Same with chemical brothers

B__DAWG 114 days ago
they just press a button their computer thing and it makes the music. i could do that

I almost saw them for free sometime around 2011 or so. Had guest list at this club they were going to play at, but one of the chicks we were going with was so late that we missed guest list and nobody wanted to pay cover because nobody besides me knew who they were.

I think I watched them go do a bunch of cocaine at an apartment instead.

VodkaVeins 114 days ago
Saw them with Fantomas, Primus and Tool. They played between bands. It was a pretty cool show

willy_wanker 114 days ago
fatboy slim - the rockafeller skank also a good tune

easyhateoven 114 days ago
remember lo-fidelity all stars?

willy_wanker 113 days ago
i remember the name, never listened as far as i know

B__DAWG 113 days ago
rememeber that Propellerheads song that sampled/looped the skateboarding sound. that was kinda neat. i like skateboard sounds