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easyhateoven 114 days ago
does anyone still care about this band?

Pilgrim 114 days ago
Not really. I remember I had a CD of theirs. Couldn't tell ya the name of it or if I liked it

shitinyourhand 114 days ago
not really they're cool live though just to watch inferno

dayman 114 days ago

easyhateoven 114 days ago
disco inferno?

vagisilcreem 114 days ago
not my thing but inferno rules on them drums.

NorthFromHere 114 days ago
They had a solid run but the last couple have seemed dumbed down and inferior to their older output.

rick____tocchet 114 days ago
Yeah. The drummer is sick and they are still worth seeing live. But other than that.

DickWolfenstein 114 days ago
The last one I listened to more than once was Demigod but for some reason they still seem to draw like a motherf*cker around here. Definitely one of those bands it seems like no one listens to anymore but its just because I'm old and no one I know who liked them at one point can take their whole gimmick seriously anymore. Still tons of kids out there who lap it up though

lurkcity 114 days ago
i listened to their latest album again today, still good.

snoocifer 114 days ago
i saw them once. they look cool. i dont listen to them though.