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Quicksand - Slip

simon_belmont 115 days ago
I was listening to that with all the compressed clarity of Spotify streaming and I have to say it's still damn good

willy_wanker 114 days ago
i like their cover of how soon is now

One of the best.

B__DAWG 114 days ago
i dont recall a smiths cover on there

Inkongudunk 114 days ago
Throwdown - Slip >

easyhateoven 114 days ago
it was probably on a japanese import. japanese imports had all the cool bonus tracks

willy_wanker 114 days ago
i never said it was on this album, just that i like it

ShadowBlade 114 days ago
I revisited this album this past winter. Didn't like it as much as I remember.

easyhateoven 114 days ago
Oh ok

DickWolfenstein 114 days ago
Definitely holds up for me. Distant Populations was also one of the least embarrassing post-reunion albums for bands like this

snoocifer 114 days ago
i like this record

PenicillinTrapdoor 114 days ago
I've never listened to this band.