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willy_wanker 121 days ago
better live than recorded

PenicillinTrapdoor 121 days ago
I bet they'd be pretty fun live

ShadowBlade 121 days ago
That isn't a high bar.

united_ninety_three 121 days ago
I don't really like their name, so I never listened to them

B__DAWG 121 days ago
they just made that word up i bet

B__DAWG 121 days ago
like pantera or sepultura

666pack 121 days ago
Agreed, a little boring on record but heavy as shit and fun live. Their upcoming tour with Vomit Forth, Kruelty, and Gates to Hell will be the heaviest tour of the year

rick____tocchet 121 days ago
Saw em with Dying Fetus right after covid. They were fun live.

AnalButt 121 days ago
Never heard them or seen them live but they suck and you can't convince me otherwise

just_farted 121 days ago
soggysandwichbogg are good

B__DAWG 121 days ago
i never even heard them

ShadowBlade 121 days ago
You're not missing much B_DAWG. Death metal with tie dyed merch says pretty much everything. Yuck.

B__DAWG 121 days ago
do death metal bands still make sweatpants?

666pack 120 days ago
Yep. My favorites are the Suffocation Champion brand joggers I picked up at a show like 4-5 years ago

easyhateoven 120 days ago
wade boggs