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people who own snakes as pets

snoocifer 125 days ago
kind of weird. do you hold it while you watch tv?

willy_wanker 125 days ago
i had several boas until they got too big. then i gave them to a reptile sanctuary near me

united_ninety_three 124 days ago
The only 2 people I've known to own snakes were meth addicts

jimbo 124 days ago

AnalButt 124 days ago
Mammals are the only pets you should keep. Reptiles are borderline insects.

PenicillinTrapdoor 124 days ago
My uncle had a boa. He was obviously the cool uncle.

willy_wanker 124 days ago
my snakes knew their names and came when called

PenicillinTrapdoor 124 days ago
that's not a real thing

toxicnacho 124 days ago
When I was in my late teens I bought some Madagascar hissing roaches. I don't know why I did other than the fact I like creepy crawlies I guess. Pet shop owner told me I had three males. I ended up getting one male and two females. You can imagine what happened in about a month. So here I am with this aquarium full of hissing roaches. I didn't know what to do so at night I left my apt complex and just let them suckers loose across the street from my apt. I wonder what happened to em.

PatrickBateman 124 days ago
All reptiles as pets come off as strange

simon_belmont 124 days ago
People who own Slash's Snakepit on cassette>

toxicnacho 124 days ago

kidcadaver 123 days ago

VodkaVeins 123 days ago