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Anyone here punk by the book?

simon_belmont 127 days ago
I have a few style and etiquette questions and the book is already checked out from my local library

B__DAWG 127 days ago
i'm punk adjacent. i might be able to help

B__DAWG 127 days ago
i had a chain wallet

B__DAWG 127 days ago
i dyed my hair burgundy once too. that's pretty punk rock

simon_belmont 127 days ago
Like the drummer from Green Day?

I used to shred on the drums for 18V and A Static Lullaby.

Suckysucky 126 days ago
Those drums on that first static lullaby album were the best of the time

B__DAWG 126 days ago
i don't think that's a punk rock band

B__DAWG 126 days ago
did they have mohawks?

jimbo 126 days ago
punk is probably the stupidest shit of all genres. there's your answer.

B__DAWG 126 days ago
you love it

easyhateoven 126 days ago
How often do true punks shower or brush their teeth?

snoocifer 125 days ago
True punks smell like shit, and either think you don't care that they smell, or they don't care that they offend you in more ways than one.

shitinyourhand 125 days ago
What is your specific question? I'll ask ChatGPT

easyhateoven 125 days ago
book by the punk