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car accident

B__DAWG 128 days ago
you ever been in one of those?

7billiondead 128 days ago

toxicnacho 128 days ago
Only one. I was a teenager. My buddy wasn't paying attention and neither was I.

toxicnacho 128 days ago
I was the passenger.

B__DAWG 128 days ago
are you OK?

vagisilcreem 128 days ago
never been in involved in one. thank GOD.

PoultryInMotion 128 days ago
i've been in at least 4 that i can think of. 3 were my fault, the other i was the passenger. i've done two fender bender hit n runs

PoultryInMotion 128 days ago
fender bender is the whammy bar on your strat

B__DAWG 128 days ago
you must suck shit at driving it sounds like.

united_ninety_three 128 days ago
I was drunk driving about 15 years ago and side swiped someone's parked car while driving my girlfriend's car late one night. Paid to fix her car damage obviously but just kept driving because I didn't want a DUI so who knows what happened to the parked car. It was in San Francisco omw to the freeway heading home from a show. Haven't driven drunk since

B__DAWG 128 days ago
you're a bad person

AnalButt 128 days ago
I only get in to wrecks on purpose

jimbo 127 days ago
damn son a straight up hit and run

united_ninety_three 127 days ago
Yeah not a proud moment but it happened

B__DAWG 127 days ago
i forgive you completely