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Played old DEP and Sepultura on the jukebox

easyhateoven 347 days ago
At this fratty dude bar tonight. Doing the lord's work

jimbo 347 days ago
you finna blow a fratty dude tonight?

toxicnacho 347 days ago
What sep song?

Pilgrim 347 days ago
Play something cool like the "Chattanooga Choo-Choo" by Glenn Miller

unvisitedgrave 347 days ago
Should have played songs about cum.

rick____tocchet 346 days ago
David Allan Coe is always a good choice as well

easyhateoven 346 days ago
dead embryonic cells and roooooots bloody roots kept it classy

rick____tocchet 346 days ago
Orgasmitron is always fun

united_ninety_three 346 days ago
Any time I put on any metal at a bar that isn't Metallica or something the bartender skips it. Northern CA bars are very sissified though

jimbo 346 days ago
i would tip that bartender 5%

B__DAWG 346 days ago
jukebox is for zz top and lyrnyrd skynyrd. i don't know about these new jukeboxes

easyhateoven 346 days ago
jimbo 39 minutes ago i would tip that bartender 5% i sucked his dick right off his body

ShaolinLambKiller 343 days ago
figured you would.

EveryTimeHeDies 343 days ago
Me and vagisilcreem went to a bar one night and picked a Nile track. The pushy ass bartender skipped the track like 2 minutes in

toxicnacho 343 days ago
I put a 50 dollar bill once in a random jukebox in a random bar and put on that long ass Iron Butterfly song and immediately walked out. I wonder how long they let that shit go.