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Backstabbers Inc. - Kamikaze Missions

simon_belmont 69 days ago
that one is a real ripper

simon_belmont 69 days ago
It's Jesse and the Rippers

B__DAWG 69 days ago
i think i heard it

VodkaVeins 69 days ago
Like Virgin Vinyl is a jam

lurkcity 69 days ago
i like backstabbers inc

simon_belmont 69 days ago
I saw them at this little teen center around the time of this record. They were wild. Very cool good time rock n roll in my opinion.

Really liked this and the first one, bare as bones. Very angry band. For some reason I just remembered Kill the client, which was also a fun and angry band. I liked that wage slave album.

666pack 68 days ago
Backstabbers Inc. and Kill the Client in the same thread?! Hell yes brothers. Kamikaze Missions is so intense, love the gang vocals. If you like Wage Slave listen to Cleptocracy, easily one of my favorite grindcore albums

AnalButt 68 days ago
Kill the Client is from here and it's always lol when they get shit on. Not because their music sucked, because it did kick ass. But because the dude had one leg from being a moron.

PenicillinTrapdoor 68 days ago
f*ck yes.

PenicillinTrapdoor 68 days ago
Bare as Bones f*cked hard as well.

ShadowBlade 68 days ago
Just checked them out after looking at this thread. Pretty sick. Wondered why I was getting Hope Conspiracy, and All Pigs Must Die vibes, then I looked it up and one of the guys in this band was in Trap Them and in All Pigs Must Die.

PenicillinTrapdoor 68 days ago
I think the drummer was in the red chord too

easyhateoven 68 days ago
solid album

I don't know if they make good grind anymore. Is willowtip still around. They used to have good stuff like watchmaker, vulgar pigeons, etc.