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the cult - love

willy_wanker 76 days ago
appreciation thread

B__DAWG 76 days ago
sure i'll give the cult some appreciation. why not?

easyhateoven 76 days ago
good album

ShadowBlade 76 days ago
Never gave The Cult a chance. They any good? Heard they were like a glam/metal/goth rock hybrid. All genres I thoroughly enjoy. Where's the best starting point?

NorthFromHere 76 days ago
Love is a good starting point. It's their second album, but I found it more memorable than their debut Dreamtime.

easyhateoven 76 days ago
southern death cult... when they were a post punk/goth outfit. then they moved on to a 'hard rock' sound. simon thinks ian sounds like danzig at times... he's not wrong

willy_wanker 76 days ago
love is great. psychedelic rock electric is a straight up rock n roll album with heavy ac/dc worship

Love is in my top 5. I never really got into their other albums, but I remember digging the one with the black sheep on the cover. Ceremony had its moments too.