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There is no difference between Meshuggah and Static X

Inkongudunk 81 days ago
Other than vocals, and that's discrimination

coldhardfacts 81 days ago
Inkongudunk 12 minutes ago Shut the f*ck up

rick____tocchet 80 days ago
1000% disagree

kort 80 days ago
the things they teach you in a law school ranked #136 before being kicked out

Inkongudunk 80 days ago
This sounds like a law to you? Weird

kort 80 days ago
hitting the nail on the head

Inkongudunk 80 days ago
So what do you gain from coming here each day and embarrassing yourself? "Seth" isn't here.

kort 80 days ago
humiliation fetish

toxicnacho 79 days ago
they're both pretty bad but at least static-x is goofy enough to enjoy.

B__DAWG 79 days ago
i love meshuggah. i don't really know that other band

B__DAWG 79 days ago
if i were to make a list of my top albums of all time (i'm not going to) theres an outside chance Chaosphere would crack the top 10, maybe the top 25, but definitely the top 50. that's pretty GOOD

B__DAWG 79 days ago
i distinctly remember hearing that album in 1998 and having my mind blown. then calculating infinity came out a year later and i was like who cares? chaosphere is better

B__DAWG 79 days ago
actually DEP sound nothing like meshuggah and i really like calculating infinity too. not sure why i brought up dillinger escape plan at all, to be honest with you

simon_belmont 79 days ago
That series of posts was a real whirlwind. I need to catch my breath

lurkcity 79 days ago
Lolol Inside his brain must be chaotic