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pig destroyer - terrifyer

willy_wanker 200 days ago
still holds up. awesome album

united_ninety_three 200 days ago
When I first heard it I thought it was pretty weak compared to Prowler but over the years it grew on me more

Conduit 200 days ago
But did it change your life?

jimbo 200 days ago

Pilgrim 200 days ago
"cow eater" -Lurk

666pack 200 days ago
It's so f*cking good, I haev respect

willy_wanker 199 days ago
hull was in thrash mode. riff machine

Jesus_Juice 199 days ago
That riff at the end of Towering Flesh is heavier than anything any young whippersnapper has played in the past 15+ years.

PenicillinTrapdoor 199 days ago
Towering Flesh is the one, bros.

PoultryInMotion 199 days ago

willy_wanker 199 days ago
crawl in time dress in gasoline (bonus track) massive rifgaye

fun2choke 199 days ago
Yes, prob their best overall album. Well before they let the drummer go and recruited the drunkin massive tool that is Blake Harrison.

willy_wanker 199 days ago
brian harvey was great

ShaolinLambKiller 198 days ago
last good PD album