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Your/best fighting game character!?!?

simon_belmont 3/8/2023 12:48:23 PM
What the f*ck are you doofuses doing in this thread?

Pilgrim 3/8/2023 5:14:58 PM
Shush bozo My custom stick https://i.imgur.com/QgzodmV.jpeg

B__DAWG 3/8/2023 5:16:31 PM
i never played a fighting game

Pilgrim 3/8/2023 5:16:43 PM
My MVC2 team is Cyclops/Sentinel/Tbonne

B__DAWG 3/8/2023 5:16:53 PM
wait......i played Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat

Pilgrim 3/8/2023 5:27:02 PM
PenicillinTrapdoor 10 hours ago did DOA or Tekken have the drunk guy? Quan I think was his name And it's Sonya Blade Jimbo

simon_belmont 3/8/2023 5:33:41 PM
Remember Eternal Champions for Sega? That one was cool I think.

Pilgrim 3/8/2023 5:36:47 PM
Ya it had the wildest/silliest fatalities