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Your/best fighting game character!?!?

Pilgrim 3/6/2023 7:24:46 PM
Sentinel in MVC2 Ryu and Sagar are up there

Pilgrim 3/6/2023 7:25:35 PM

Pilgrim 3/6/2023 7:29:50 PM
Voldo in Soul Calibur too

Pilgrim 3/6/2023 7:33:26 PM
Luigi and Ness is smash bros

Yeah_Right 3/6/2023 9:30:51 PM
Voldo is Maynard James Keenan

PenicillinTrapdoor 3/7/2023 8:02:47 AM
I go Evil Ryu, Akuma, or Oni in Street Fighter. Nightmare or Astaroth in Soul Calibur. I used to play a lot of Dead Or Alive. I think I used Jann Lee a lot.

Inkongudunk 3/7/2023 8:16:16 AM

PhilPhantom 3/8/2023 6:31:00 AM
Brian Fury from Tekken

PenicillinTrapdoor 3/8/2023 6:42:26 AM
that's grey hair guy? he was good. I like Hwoarang or whatever too.

PenicillinTrapdoor 3/8/2023 6:51:18 AM
did DOA or Tekken have the drunk guy?

jimbo 3/8/2023 7:17:48 AM
whatever MK dude smashes Sonja

jimbo 3/8/2023 7:18:50 AM
or however you spell that bitches name

toxicnacho 3/8/2023 7:35:43 AM
Not even a mention of Killer Instinct. -kicks rocks-

united_ninety_three 3/8/2023 12:45:28 PM
Kilik in Soul Calibur Sub Zero in MK Tron Bonne, Venom and Wolverine in MVC2

united_ninety_three 3/8/2023 12:46:43 PM
Eddy Gordo in Tekken 3