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I feel like being racist

Alcohol 61 days ago
5 black cops kill black boy George Floyd 2.0 Let the peaceful protest begin

rick_tocchet 60 days ago
Its f*cked up. I didnt see the video of it yet.

jimbo 60 days ago
black people love dominos

jimbo 60 days ago
memfuss Tennessee

Young Buck is NOT stoked!

Alcohol 60 days ago
I didn't watch the video I won't. I don't need to see it from what I've read. Charge the police with murder that was the obvious It's just It's just so scripted They tried with the coins in if BLM They tryna George Floyd me Video cam showed otherwise They tried again Nothing They're like ok bro in the think tank What if we had 5 black guys trigger at once and kill another black guy and then blame it on white supremacy They was like Bingo bangs mambo trango

Alcohol 60 days ago

Inkongudunk 60 days ago
You're wicked dumb

AnalButt 60 days ago
This guy actually votes