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Pantera - Floods

simon_belmont 71 days ago
Remember that one?

kort 71 days ago
can you hum it for me?

B__DAWG 70 days ago
i never cared for it

easyhateoven 70 days ago
i also want simon to hum it

VodkaVeins 70 days ago
Is that the one where he's all "I f*cked your girlfriend last night..."?

simon_belmont 70 days ago
It's the one with the badass solo, you dweebs

VodkaVeins 70 days ago
I think you're thinking of Planet Caravan

vagisilcreem 70 days ago
rip dime

ShaolinLambKiller 69 days ago
yeah I remember

NorthFromHere 69 days ago
I remember the song yes, and it's better than 99% of what gets posted here.

VodkaVeins 69 days ago
What a brave opinion...